Private Events


TV Eye, with its diversity of ambiance and technical capabilities, has proved to be a popular site for both private parties and shoots.


While it’s not uncommon to rent out the entirety of TV Eye for an event, the unique environments within the complex have been rented individually as well. The variation of rooms has made the entire premises ideal for birthday parties, weddings, and company events that have multiple activities and elements moving throughout the space. Some of the rooms and courtyard are rented for a few hours and sometimes the entire place is blocked out for an entire day and/or night. It isn’t uncommon to mingle with food and beverages in the front bar or courtyard and move the party later to the ballroom for live music, dancing, and/or screenings. While the breadth of beverages and culinary options fit all kinds of occasions and budgets, the stage, disco, and massive screen (with a high-definition digital projector) make the execution of a number of multi-media activities possible with ease – often simultaneously.


TV Eye’s cluster of rooms hasn’t only offered multiple environments for filming, but also the uninterrupted flow of the four bar rooms, green room, gallery, and courtyard have proved useful for long takes that wind through multiple rooms. The strikingly distinct yet aesthetically-cohesive atmospheric variation has already made the complex a perfect location for editorial shoots, music videos, television, and cinema.  Finally, TV Eye, with its many rooms for storage and production infrastructure,  is also one of the only NYC venues with ample van parking, loading, and unloading is easier than anywhere in town.

Take a tour of TV Eye’s Environments 

Peacock Room

If you’d like to rent TV Eye for a private event or production, get in touch!